Ware Associates provides design driven by performance.  We supply the insight, the tools, and the process to bring about the change that you seek.  We are architects, engineers, researchers, teachers, and community leaders at the forefront of our field, working together with other professionals to bring you the integrated expertise necessary to deliver complete design solutions. 

Ware Associates offers a full range of architectural services and a track record of award-winning experience. Our architecture portfolio embodies the creative possibilities that arise when architecture and engineering are spoken together.  The resultant forms suggest natural forces, celebrate light, and invite second glances. 

We listen to clients' dreams and design processes that make them reality.  We design for programming—to understand the users, functions, and circulations.  We design for nature—to understand the conditions of the site and how sites will be impacted by the project.  We design for context—to understand that all projects, whether in an urban area or next to a wetland, can enhance their surroundings.  We design for light—to understand the changing of light in a space at different times of the day and year.  We design for performance—to understand through careful analysis how materials and forms suggest a design that respects limitations of budget and technology.

With LEED Accredited professionals on staff and LEED certified buildings in our portfolio, Ware Associates is committed to providing leadership in sustainable design practices.  Our studio has incorporated sustainable design from its inception, and we continue to practice green design strategies in our public projects and private residential work.  We strive to bring sustainable solutions to all of our projects, to meet our client’s aspirations and the needs of the community as a whole. 

Ware Associates provides a full range of cost-effective structural design services.  By streamlining structural systems, we seek designs that minimize materials consumption but allow for maximum performance.  We look for the most appropriate and beautiful way to support a structure and express that structure’s meaning. We consider use, intended lifespan, materials, detailing, cultural and historical context, budget, and overall significance of the structure within the project.  Our state-of-the-art tools include 3-D finite element analysis, dynamic vibration studies, performance based seismic and wind studies, code level force analysis, integrated cost vs. performance analysis, and real-time behavior analysis.

Our principals and associates collaborate with other architects, contractors, developers, and municipal agencies throughout California, nationally and internationally on a wide variety of projects.  Our focus is on high quality engineering and innovating solutions, and we welcome challenging projects that push the envelope of design and engineering.

Not all projects come to us ready for the design phase.  Public and private groups face limited resources, uncertain economic times, and unknown environmental impact when planning for projects.  We work with a number of different agencies, municipalities, and design firms looking to focus their resources and explore which strategies best suit their needs.

We provide feasibility studies to determine a project’s impact and viability within its function.  Issues considered can include sustainable site development, habitat impact, community support, historical implications, and initial development costs versus long-range operating costs.  Our feasibility studies give clients the tools they need to focus their resources and pursue the best way to move forward.  Whether it is a feasibility study to explore crossing options for a new bridge, or a financial projection of an architectural project, Ware Associates provides the research and planning essential to achieving a successful building project.

We solve problems of transportation and pedestrian infrastructure, ecological site design, wildlife habitat protection, and protection of water, air, and energy.  Our civil and environmental engineering work takes a holistic view of site design issues.  We seek beautiful, sustainable, and functional solutions for projects ranging from pedestrian walkways over wetlands to treating storm water runoff in urban park rain gardens. 

We have experience guiding a project through the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, and working with stakeholder groups such as community organizations and environmental groups to help navigate a project through the often complex process of entitlements, design development and construction.


Ware Associates takes pride in a well-crafted building and the steps needed to create it.  To achieve this, we begin our collaboration in the design phases, working with fellow professionals and contractors to better streamline the eventual construction phase of a project.  

Ware Associates' construction support services guide clients through the competing demands of performance, safety and cost constraints.  We provide shop drawing review, value engineering services, construction observation, special inspection services, and ongoing construction administration services throughout the construction process.  Our team identifies weaknesses, works closely with owners, contractors and fabricators, and creates innovative solutions to solve potential problems before, and if needed, during the construction phase.