Santa Clara County, CA

The Mount Umunhum summit restoration project restored public access to Mount Umunhum and the former Almaden Air Force Station. The goal was to create structures that wouldn’t dominate the natural beauty of the site, yet were durable enough to withstand peak winds of 140 mph. The shelters were also designed to reduce fire and life safety risks, as necessary for the Wildlife Urban Interface zone. The performance-based design is characterized by primarily non-combustible materials, a cantilevered concrete platform, high-strength concrete, steel moment frames, and fire-retardant treated heavy timber truss construction. Shelter placement also ensured a minimum of 50 FT of defensible space on all sides. As architects and engineers on the project, Ware Associates investigated the creation of a “caretaker” building aesthetic. The result was a new park-structure vocabulary, inspired by WPA styling and the Civilian Corps projects from the New Deal era.

Unity park

Richmond, CA

Unity Park was a community-led project with the goal of activating the existing Richmond Greenway between 4th and 20th Streets to promote health, civic engagement and environmental quality. It was spearheaded by Friends of the Richmond Greenway (FORG) and funded in part by a State of California Parks Department grant. Ware Associates was brought on board to help realize the community’s vision for a neighborhood picnic area and event space, performing architectural and structural design services for the shade structure, art column, and pedestrian crossing. We worked closely with landscape architects Vallier Design Associates to create a cost-efficient shelter that suited the light industrial and residential neighborhood. Steel, a recyclable material, was chosen for its durability and reclaimed redwood trunks provide seating. The butterfly roof funnels rainwater to native and drought-tolerant landscaping.

Doyle Hollis Park

Emeryville, CA

Built on a 1.25-acre block in a mixed-use area, Ware Associates provided the architectural, civil and structural engineering services for this urban park (budget $2.5 million).  The park is a beautiful space for play, relaxation, and exercise within this high-density neighborhood. Through a series of workshops, input was obtained on the community’s interests, priorities and concerns. A model of sustainable building, the public restroom facilities designed by Ware Associates for the City of Emeryville’s Doyle Hollis Park are open, naturally-ventilated spaces that incorporate a variety of sustainable elements, including a green roof which reduces storm runoff volume while protecting the roofing system. This typically doubles the lifespan of the underlying waterproofing membrane. Durable paver skylights allow light and air to ventilate the spaces naturally. The center of the bathroom contains a storage closet and the plumbing chase, which is designed with a greywater filtration system to receive excess drainage from the roof and offer irrigation for nearby landscaping. It also includes a proposed "green screen," a prefabricated tension wire attached to the exterior walls. It creates a vertical garden that not only extends the park but also offers a buffer protection for the structure’s walls. Concrete walls contain high fly ash/slag content and are etched with textures of native plants and/or detailed with tiles from local artists.  Wooden screens pull up from the ground and away from the ceiling, allowing light and air to enter the building while offering a natural sense of security.


South Lake Tahoe, CA

The development of this 56-acre waterfront park in South Lake Tahoe includes outdoor civic space and beautiful lake views. Set against a mountainous backdrop, the waterfront park features a community fire pit, boat storage, concession stand areas, terraced seating, as well as a large-scale elevated walkway engineered by Ware Associates. The future programming for the project also includes a new library, senior center, and an outdoor forest amphitheater. Designed to enhance the natural beauty of the area, the project will bring together the vision of the city, county and community.

Shoreline Ryder Park

San Mateo, CA
San Mateo designated a 2½-mile stretch of coastline to be transformed into a nature area and park. The site contains tidal and seasonal wetland marshes; a closed and now capped landfill; the San Mateo Creek; recreation areas including ballparks, play and picnic areas; a bicycle trail running the length of the public shoreline; and a windsurfing rigging/access point.  Endres Ware was entrusted with designing several architectural elements including pedestrian and vehicular bridges, public restrooms, picnic/shade shelters, and a maintenance building.  All of these structures are characterized by repeated materials and forms, such as the solid concrete bases, steel pipe structural sections, and cedar wood roof members.


Malibu, CA

This 15-acre park showcases responsible water management through a sustainable design that recreates natural processes and native habitat. As an implementation of the Malibu Civic Center Integrated Water Quality Management Plan, the park will both improve water quality through storm/wastewater capture and treatment and reflect the community’s values and vision for the future. Primary site features include: stormwater detention basin, habitat restoration, linear park, pedestrian trail system and alternative irrigation systems for recycling stormwater and wastewater. A comprehensive public awareness and outreach program enriched the design team’s understanding of the community’s vision for the park. Educational and recreational elements will include an outdoor classroom, walking trails, benches, and interpretive kiosks


Dublin, CA

Endres Ware provided the architectural and structural engineering design for the 100-foot long and 25-foot high gateway sculpture as part of the Dublin BART Station Corridor Enhancements Project.
The design is essentially a twisted arch, created by two structural steel pipe chords, connected with pipe cross bracing. All pipe-to-pipe connections are either fillet or partial joint penetration welded. The arch is supported on sub-grade steel bases, anchored to concrete mat foundations. The structure is clad in perforated, stainless steel skin. Endres Ware created a three-dimensional, digital model to provide dimensional control of the project. We worked closely with the fabricator to help define the process for creating the complex geometric steel forms.

Dutch Slough Community park master plan

Oakley, CA

The Dutch Slough restoration project is a large-scale tidal marsh restoration effort; the 55-acre community park will be the gateway to the restoration project. Ware Associates provided architecture and structural engineering design, identified existing historic site features, and provided an adaptive reuse design to turn old dairy farm facilities into a public-oriented educational center. By using the vernacular style of the site, Ware Associates preserved the historical context of the existing structures. We also led the architectural design guidelines for the proposed new buildings on-site. The conceptual plans for new picnic shelters, park restrooms, and wildlife observation blinds reflect the historical character of original Dutch Slough dairy farm buildings. The master park plan and its buildings encourage diverse recreation and educational opportunities at the site.


Dallas, Texas

Innovation unites the unique architectural highlights of the Woodall Rodgers Park. This new urban space, located in dense area of downtown Dallas, seeks to establish new visual icons for the city and enliven the green space of the urban environment. Endres Ware worked with the Office of James Burnett on the design of the themed children’s area, which includes a whimsical, family friendly public restroom area, and a storytelling deck with treehouse structure. A prominent section of the park's initial design contained a 30 ft tall water feature designed by Endres Ware. Travelling up between two layers of illuminated stacked glass, water flows over the edge of the feature, creating a waterfall down to the play space below.